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Gary Kamen, Education Director at Trends in Futures
I'm Gary Kamen ... a +25 year market veteran and the
Education Director at Trends in Futures.

TrendTrader finds the trades.
Our Education Director, Gary Kamen, maps them out for you.

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Trends in Futures is designed to make your trading easier – and more profitable – than it's ever been. With Gary guiding you, you will never be in the dark about what the markets are doing and how it could affect you. You'll always know exactly how to take advantage of breaking developments, while protecting your trading account.

Trends In Futures is a unique combination of an award winning computer trading algorithm, that has been fine tuned and constantly recalibrated over the past 50 years, and of the knowledge and real-life experience of a commodity trader who knows the program inside out.

At the end of each trading day our data servers carefully churn through the markets, analyze numerous data points, and identify buy, sell, and hold triggers in over 79 markets including Forex, Stock Indices, Interest Rates, Metals, Energies, Commodities, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). We keep track of TrendTrader's recommendations in the theoretical Trends in Futures account, which typically holds hundreds of thousands of dollars in open profits. Whether you trade the E-mini S&P, Gold, Soybeans, Crude Oil, other commodities or forex, Trendtrader is a proven system that will yield results for you.

Your membership allows you to sign in any time to review these recommendations. Gary Kamen, a +25 year market veteran, then reviews the trades predicted by TrendTrader and helps you navigate the waters through daily videos. Gary is instantly aware of the signals that present real trading opportunities – and those that don't. In his videos, he will show you where the REAL MONEY can be made following the strategies outlined by TrendTrader, and will help you develop an exit strategy tailored to these trades. This unique combination is MAN + COMPUTER at its best.


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Watch samples of Gary’s daily video commentary:
April 24 - Metals and Energies
April 16 - Special Stock Index Report
Trade Alerts - May 14, 2013
Trade Alerts - July 6, 2012

You can expect one or two such videos every day to help you make the most sense of Trend Trader’s daily recommentations.

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Meet Gary Kamen, Education Director at Trends in Futures
Gary Kamen, Education Director at Trends in Futures

My trading education - and love of the markets - started in the 80’s at the Chicago Board of Trade. I left the floor after 6 years, but I never stopped trading.

In 1997, I was asked to manage Futures Learning Center for Futures Magazine Group (which at the time was the #1 destination for people to learn trading). After numerous corporate buyouts, Futures Learning Center finally landed at Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) in 2006.

As the Education Director at CRB, I designed and developed a unique educational program, Trends in Futures. Today, I'm still using my experience to interpret daily buy and sell signals, which I present using Trends in Futures' daily videos and recommendations.

If you have not yet experienced Trends in Futures, I urge you to start a free trial today and see how my knowledge and experience can work for you. I’ll help you develop consistent success to achieve your trading goals.

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