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What is Trends in Futures?

The #1 Rated Futures Trading System With Daily Videos and Recommendations

  • Trade recommendations (buy and sell signals) based on CRB's
    award-winning computerized TrendTrader algorithms.

  • Daily market guidance and videos from CRB's Education Director,
    Gary Kamen, a +25 year market veteran.

Serious Profits Made Simple. With Trends in Futures, you get a powerful trend-analyzing computer program AND the knowledge and real-life experience of a commodity trader who knows the program inside and out. You get ...

Trade Recommendations from the TrendTrader Report


Ranked #1 by Commodity Traders Consumer Report

In 1963, the Commodity Research Bureau developed TrendTradera computerized trading system designed to remove the emotional human element from market forecasting. Over the years, TrendTrader has been re-calibrated against available historical data and fine-tuned to remain true to its original programming. Since then, countless trading programs, timing theories, and sure-fire techniques have been designed and popularized by an even wider universe of individuals and companies for the purpose of "beating" the futures, forex and stock market.

And over the years, TrendTrader has picked up many industry accolades. Most notably, Commodity Traders Consumer Report ranked TrendTrader #1 in the category of Profit Per Trade; #1 in the category of Net Profit as a Percentage of Reasonable Margin by gaining an astounding 205%; and #3 in the category of Smallest Drawdown.

How it works: At the end of each trading day our data servers carefully churn through the markets, analyze numerous data points, and identify buy, sell, and hold triggers in over 79 markets, including Forex, Stock Indices, Interest Rates, Metals, Energies, Commodities, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). We keep track of TrendTrader's recommendations in the theoretical Trends in Futures account, which typically holds hundreds of thousands of dollars in open profits. Your membership allows you to sign in any time to review these recommendations.

What Makes TrendTrader So Effective?

In the uncertain world of futures trading, TrendTrader will signal major trends whenever and wherever they occur based on our time-tested algorithms. It helps you keep up with the "monster trends" and gives clear signals for how to navigate the markets.

At a price of only a few commissions per month, TrendTrader provides more valuable market timing information than you're likely to receive from your broker in a lifetime.

Daily Market Guidance and Daily Videos

Gary Kamen, a +25 year market veteran, reviews the trades predicted by TrendTrader and provides his years of experience to help you navigate the waters through daily videos. Gary is instantly aware of the signals that present real trading opportunities—and those that don't. In his videos, he will show you where the REAL MONEY can be made following the strategies outlined by TrendTrader. This unique combination is MAN + COMPUTER at its best.

Why Gary's Market Guidance Makes a Difference

Gary's been studying the intricacies of TrendTrader for over FIVE YEARS, and uses his experience to interpret its buy and sell signals. HE KNOWS the program's strengths and KNOWS not to get caught up in the peaks and troughs of the markets.

He is trained to recognize the most promising trade opportunities signaled by TrendTrader, and is eager to share his insight and strategy with you each and every trading day.

You'll get immediate access to all the amazing resources on the Trends in Futures site, and you'll start getting Gary's daily videos. Take advantage of everything we provide for a full 30 days. Use the information to set up some real-money or paper trades. Watch as your knowledge and understanding increase your confidence goes through the you see yourself become a better trader.

If you don't agree that Trends in Futures is the best thing that ever happened to your trading, just call us within the 30 days and cancel your subscription.

However, if you agree that Trends in Futures is your best chance to start making real money in this business, then do nothing. We'll conveniently begin charging your card $69 a month for your ongoing subscription. And of course, you can cancel at any time.

Just click the "Start Trial" button below, or call us directly at 312-554-8456 (toll-free at 800-621-5271) to answer your questions and get started.

You have nothing to lose to find out if we can improve your trading results—just as we have for so many other traders.
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