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How Can You NOT Succeed With the #1 Trading Advisory Service Telling You Exactly What to Do Every Day?

We know you're busy. You don't have the time to spend two or three hours a day studying the markets and mapping out trades.

That's why you need Trends in Futures, with access to the most advanced tools available anywhere.

TrendTrader finds the trades for you.
Our Education Director, Gary Kamen, maps them out for you

You get the information on the Trends in Futures website, in a form that's easy for you to digest and put to use immediately.

Trends in Futures is designed to make your trading easier, and more profitable, than it's ever been. With Gary guiding you, you will never be in the dark about what the markets are doing and how it could affect you. You'll always know exactly how to take advantage of breaking developments, while protecting your trading account.

1. Review the Daily TrendTrader Report


TrendTrader is a sophisticated tool that analyzes the markets after the close each trading day. It identifies existing trends and anticipates probable trend changes in over 79 markets, including Forex, Stock Indices, Interest Rates, Metals, Energies, Commodities, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Our charts, data, and analysis help you make better trading decisions.

TrendTrader's findings are computed using a mathematical formula that analyzes four different technical studies (a combination of moving average, price volatility, market momentum, and various time cycles). It categorizes markets as trending up, sideways, or down. Support and resistance levels are recalculated daily and serve as "stops" when the market is in a trend phase. It also marks the breakout levels for new up or down trends when markets are in a sideways mode.

The system is for medium to long-term trading and is designed to maintain positions throughout minor and medium-term corrections. In recent years, the currency, interest rate, energy, and soft commodity markets have provided some of the best returns due to sustained trends in their component markets.

2. Examine the Charts

Example In addition to the daily TrendTrader report, you have full use of the Trends in Futures website where you get exclusive access to see charts on each commodity.

These charts are set up to show the trends outlined by the report. This will put you in a better position to visually recognize and anticipate "false" chart signals and give you solid confirmation of the signal TrendTrader is showing.

Choose from 50 different technical indicators, with variable time frames and chart types (Bar, Candle, Line, Area, Hollow Candle) to choose from.

And if you want, you can even customize the charts and save your chart settings. You can then apply your settings to other charts as you continue to examine the markets!

3. Listen to Gary's Video Commentary

Daily Training Videos

Each and every trading day, Gary Kamen broadcasts a video that reviews the positions TrendTrader has identified. He'll tell you which one he feels is most promising (and why) and will discuss buy/sell strategies while giving you his exclusive market analysis.

His commitment to your education will help you answer these questions:

  • How do I know what markets to trade?
  • Which markets are the most "trendy" and why?
  • Given multiple choices of trades, how do I decide what's best?
  • When can I increase position size?
  • When should I decrease position size?
  • How much risk is too much risk?
  • Why can't I enter trades when I get signals that are clear?
  • Why do I get out of trades too soon or too late?
  • Why do I lack confidence in my methods?
  • Why do I lose my discipline?
  • Why am I getting so little return for so much time invested?
  • Is there an effective DAILY or WEEKLY procedure I should be using?

Gary will do his best to help you develop the basis of successful trading: a winning trading mentality.

Call Gary Kamen directly at 312-554-8456 (toll-free at 800-621-5271) and he'll answer your questions and personally get your trial started.

Start Your Free 30-Day Trial Today, and
Trade With More Knowledge and Confidence Tomorrow!

It doesn't have to take years of study or mastering complex trading theories to become a more profitable commodity trader. You can become instantly smarter and more successful overnight by subscribing to Trends in Futures.

And you can get started today. Just use this link to sign up for your Free 30-Day Trial.


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