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Let Me Introduce Myself. I'm Gary Kamen...

Gary Kamen ... a +25 year market veteran, and the Education Director at Commodity Research Bureau, publisher of Trends in Futures. All my years in the industry – along with my passion for trading – have prepared me to guide and educate Trends in Futures subscribers.

My day starts by consulting the TrendTrader Report, our advanced computerized trading system that tirelessly analyzes market activity. Then I add my experienced eye to arrive at practical trading recommendations.

Finally, I prepare daily videos that provide specific information you can use to plan winning trades and take advantage of the market's biggest moves.

But that's not all I do. I also help you develop the basis of successful trading: a winning trading mentality.

Too many traders don't trade to win. They trade not to lose. And the longer you trade not to lose, the more money you put into the pocket of your broker, and the less profit you put into your own.

Trading to win requires confidence in your market knowledge, confidence in your market timing, and confidence in your trading strategy. That's why, when you come aboard Trends in Futures . . .

  • I'll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to plan and execute winning trades.
  • I'll guide you to trade the way the "Big" Money trades.
  • I'll even give you my contact information so you can call or e-mail me if you're ever unsure of anything—I'm that committed to your success.

But do all these tools and my guidance really work? I'll let you judge for yourself. Here are some examples of trades I recently alerted subscribers to:

On 11/19/2010, TrendTrader issued a LONG signal for March 2011 Silver, which was trading at 2725.40.

On January 4, 2011, TrendTrader's Sell Trigger Point was hit. On that day, Silver traded at 2964.38!.

On 10/20/2010, TrendTrader issued a LONG signal for March 2011 Coffee, which was trading at 198.35.

Three months later, on 01/07/2011, TrendTrader recommended closing the position. Coffee had risen to 230.70!

On 07/29/2010, TrendTrader issued a LONG signal for March 2011 Cotton at 76.91.

Over the next 15 weeks the market rallied above 150.00!

There has never been a better time for Trend following the markets. We are in the midst of a sustained commodities bull market and TrendTrader—with its medium to long-term outlook—is primed to catch each and every monster trend. It's no surprise that Month-after-Month TrendTrader continues to show profits in open trade equity. To receive a copy of the current TrendTrader monthly performance report, call me at 312-554-8456 or 800-621-5271 and I will send it right over.

The bottom line is, TrendTrader makes it easy to "Cherry Pick" the markets ... which is why I am inviting you to sign up today to see for yourself! It will be the best dollar you've ever spent!

Get started today. Just use this link to sign up for your Free 30-Day Trial.

P. S. I look forward to hearing from you, working with you, and helping you every day as you create for yourself a more prosperous future. And if you still have questions, just call me at 312-554-8456 (toll-free at 800-621-5271).

Gary Kamen
Gary Kamen, Education Director
Commodity Research Bureau

The Commodity Research Bureau has been leading the world in commodities research and analysis since 1934.  Based in Chicago, Illinois, the firm has been the innovator of the CRB Indices, as well as the publisher of the CRB Yearbook, Encyclopedia, CRB Price Charts, Trends in Futures and Futures Market Service newsletters.


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