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Successful traders stick with what works. For nearly 50 years, profitable traders have stayed with CRB's TrendTrader for expert help in selecting and timing trades.

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I've been very pleased with my subscription to TiF. I was lured to this site by an offer for your ebook on the COT and am glad I was hooked. I've been trading for 10+ years in equity and index options, and more recently in futures, and have used some training services in that time. I find that your training videos and commentaries tie together price action with the rationally selected indicators much better than expensive, long-winded courses, or do-it yourself methods. Thank you for this.

- Roger M, Kendall, NY

Hello Gary,
I have been a member of Trends in Futures since October 2011 and I credit TIF for improving my trading results and timing through the educational videos and particularly Gary Kamens's daily updates and commentary. The service narrows my focus to the markets giving the best technical signals while still monitoring all commodity markets daily. I have paper traded some of the trade recommendations and am up $8400 trading only a single contract for each trade. I appreciate and benefit greatly from Gary's daily insight into the markets.

- Art D, Garden Grove, CA

Hi Gary,
When you are in a small boat buffeted by rough seas and your compass is broken you need a guiding light - Trends in Futures in the guise of Gary Kamen. The unique blend of fundamental and technical analysis in a neat, digestible package of commentary each day helps to keep you out of the water when storms are brewing. The timely analysis of technical trade signals helps to get you in early and manage your way safely to the exit.

- Phil S, Sunderland, UK

All successful traders require consistent, effective and productive analysis in a timely fashion. Gary provides that tirelessly on a daily basis. Thanks, Gary!

- David F, Victoria, Australia

Hi Gary,
First of all, I wanted to commend your incredible value-added video briefing. The daily and new position update videos makes it priceless. I would highly recommend this service to all traders, no matter how experienced, this really helps.

Thanks again for your wonderful job!

- Bipin T, Mumbai, India

Gary Kamen is the best analyst that I have found in my 40+ years of trading! Gary combines fundamental and technical analysis in an easy to understand video format on his website., has many tools that support Gary's analysis and my trading decisions. And Gary is always reminding me to put some money in my pocket! Fabulous service at a very reasonable price!

- Millard L, Parkland, FL

I just wanted to take a moment to praise your service. Nobody in the futures business is correct all of the time but your % of successful trades has been well above any of the three services that I have used in the past. Keep up the great work!

- David W, Houston, TX

Hello Gary,
I have had success trading with the use of your charts and really appreciate your comemtary each day on the different markets. I use Trends in Futures to give me confirmation of the trends developing and when to enter and exit as well. This allows me have success in futures trading. Thanks for all your help and wish you continue success in your work !

- Al C, New Holstein, WI

Hi Gary,
It was a pleasure to learn from your experience. The educational videos and daily commentary is invaluable to understand the trades and developing a winning mentality. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to any one who is interested in trading in futures.

- Rajesh S, London,UK

Dear Gary,
I wanted to thank you for all the informative videos that you have done and the training videos that you have produced. They have been a great help to my trading giving me confidence that I did not have and solid information so I can read the markets too. Before you came along with the training videos and the daily updates I was just guessing most of the time and losing as you would expect.You even went beyond what was expected and got on the phone with me personally to answer my questions. Again, thank you.

- Bill C, Mesa, AZ

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The testimonials and earning examples cited herein often describe exceptional results of subscribers to TrendTrader ("TIF"), which the average subscriber is not likely to achieve. These testimonials provide information about subscriber's experiences when they provided them. We make no assurances that these statements related to each subscriber's past earnings or experience can, or will be duplicated going forward. We have not independently verified the information contained in the testimonials. You should not infer from these testimonials that TIF is guaranteeing your successful use of TIF or that you will make any money. Your decision to purchase TIF should be based on your own due diligence and not on any representation we make to you.

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