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Thank you for the commodity trading service that you provide. I have been studying/trading some of these markets for 20 years. Over the last several years, the greatest internet tool I’ve found is your website. I’ve worked with others, but Trends in Futures is by far the strongest and is now the only one I use. The daily commentary on the highlighted commodity sector is very detailed and easy to understand. It’s especially valuable because it combines both the technicals as well as the fundamentals. The detail provided is outstanding. Your site provides me with a well-rounded snapshot of each commodity to understand how and why the markets are moving as they are.
I’m especially grateful for the extra tools you provide to teach beginners as this has been a great teaching tool for my son.

- Char P, Amenia, ND

I like your site because it takes a lot of stress away from my trading. The best thing though, I a huge difference to other sites is the overview of the COT report, numerically and graphically. I do not need to sit and glare at the screens the whole day, but can just put on my positions according to the rec. from the CST. Trend Catcher, put in the initial stops and go away.

- Ivar S, Altendorf, Switzerland

I own a 8500 acre corn, soybean, and sugar beet farm in ND. I buy farm marketing advice from 3 other professional crop marketing advisors. They were 100% sold up on new crop corn and beans before May when the crop rally really got started last year. Trends in futures were on the right side of beans from March 10 on. Trends in Futures has been the best marketing and trading tool I have seen in my 61 year life. The absolute best part is Gary's training videos. He teaches us how to read the market, not just follow the computer's recommendations. These are valuable lifelong lessons we can learn from Trends in Futures.

- Russ M, Barney, ND

Trends in Futures goes beyond providing you with trade recommendations and gives you multiple tools at your finger tips to make and manage your trades successfully. You have training videos, new position updates each trading day, a weekly outlook, webinars, educational resources and Gary's commentary on the markets everyday. Trends in Futures is a complete trading training system at an incredible value.

- Phillip M, Appomattox, VA

Thank you very much for all your help with Trends in Futures. I am comfortably retired and do a little bit of futures trading to get a little more money for vacations and other extravagances. I spend as little time as possible figuring out which trades to make thanks to your valuable insight. I like the way you are continuing to improve the information on the website and in your presentations. Thanks again.

- Rey C, Calgary, Canada

The confidence with which I can open positions based on the information which 'Trends in Futures' gives me, is a revelation and a refreshing change to finding myself on the wrong side of the market. Your daily commentaries and assessments of the 'Current Positions' in all the markets you cover are invaluable and give me the critical information I need to make an informed decision as to when to buy and sell. I would have no hesitation in recommending 'Trends in Futures ' to anyone wishing to trade the markets, as your insight into futures trading is the best I have experienced and the surest way to a successful trading career.

- Gordon D, Cheshire, UK

My name is Martin from Germany. I have been trading for more than 20 years Futures and Options. I would consider myself as experienced. I came across Trends in Futures and was captured by the simplicity, clarity and practical approach to handle difficult markets. It is Gary that makes the difference, he has expertise, ability to explain complex things and has passion. Although I had my own set ups I know that constant learning is the key to success not only in trading, I listened very carefully all videos, webinars and educational stuff and I adapted the ADX in my trading. I became already an ADX specialist. I strongly can recommend to join Trends in Futures as it brings value to your trading and even an old veteran like me is still learning new things.

- Martin H, Karlsruhe, Germany

I wish I had found you years ago but still and all will be a member for life, so thank you again for all the hard work you do for all of us. W. Clement Stone was also a mentor of mine and I sold policies for Combined Insurance back in the day. "I feel healthy, happy and terrific" lol.

- Derick N, Chino Valley, AZ

I firmly believe that the trading strategies you learn through your membership with TIF increases the probability of finding winning trades regardless of which markets you are interested in. Once you learn to combine a few key technical indicators with the understanding of what fundamentally moves markets you can start to identify big trends as they start to develop. In my opinion, the subscription is a no brainier and it's well worth any trader’s time to go through the process of learning, and educating themselves about the markets with TIF.

- Sam S, Holdrege, NE

Gary Kamen is your direct connection to great trades. You are now where you need to be just relax and learn what Gary has to teach you.

- Allen F, North Wales, PA

I rely on TIF a great deal to plan and make my trades. It has been an invaluable tool for me and better than any other service or blogs that I have subscribed to in the past. I feel much more confident in my trading now due to Gary’s well researched, well reasoned comments, and analysis.

- Ronald P, Sherman Oaks, CA

Trends and Futures is by far the ultimate website for experienced and new traders. It starts with having Gary Kamen a true guru and gentlemen of the trading industry, his knowledge and feel for the markets is second to none. Gary also has personally talked to me over the phone numerous times with help and passing on his knowledge which really is invaluable and which i have never seen on any other website before. The Trends and Futures website gives you all the knowledge and power to know where all the "Big Money" is positioning so you will no doubt become a more skilled and profitable trader. Plus Gary's Day today market analysis is invaluable as he gives you a guiding hand each day, you can"t help but become a better trader.
I could go on all day :)
But this is the ultimate website for traders wanting to make money from the markets!

- Tasso P, Brisbane, Australia

As a futures options trader I am always looking for valuable data that I can use to analyze trades. While I subscribe to different services, if I had to choose one it would by far be the CRB/Trends In Futures. I’ve only been using this site for about a month but I am so confident and pleased that I already paid for a year.
Gary does a daily video that is very in depth and very helpful. I look forward to the video commentary and the new position update every night as a good way to review existing trades and consider new trades! Listening to Gary on video you can tell he really wants you to succeed. He never tries to up-sell you on any other products or services. KUDOS to you Gary!

- Scott C, Ft Lauderdale, FL

In my job I need to buy and sell corn, beans, and wheat. Track basis and set prices. I track crude oil for fuel costs in the trucks. I track interest rates for future borrowing costs. I track the Dow for stock investments. I track gold and copper for signs in the economy. I track the value of the US dollar. I am involved in the Ag sector of the US Economy and find your commitment of traders and the way you follow trends very useful. Keep up the good work

- Budge A, Auburn, NE

I would like to say that if a person truly would like to learn to trade, they need to give Gary and trends in futures a try. Gary is the best instructor I have seen.

- Mickey M, Trinity, TX

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